Artist statement

Technology is all around us in every way; it’s dynamic growth covers new areas of everyday life. Evolution doesn’t keep up with the pace of changes in the modern world, causing a man to feel lost and overwhelmed with an excess of information. Defensive reflexes dictate escape, while study and observation make it possible to see and understand the positive aspects of change.

Algorithmic paintings are an artistic, painterly interpretation of processes that take place in digital devices. The form of the artwork is shaped by an algorithm – strictly defined list of activities needed to achieve the intended goal. In a sense, each of us implements algorithms. For example, to open the door (goal), we need to follow these steps (actions): grab the handle, push it and pull it towards us. The goals of computer algorithms are carried out with much more complex steps, for example data encryption, sorting, multiplying and others. The degree of complication of the sequence of tasks composed of many activities means that the computer turns out to be the ideal solution for their implementation.

Algorithmic paintings are a visual representation of complex algorithmic processes, implemented with the original computer program based on data encryption. The relationship between the code and the painting is reflected in the structure and expressed in the composition. Paintings synthetically replicates the high level of complexity of the used algorithms. The forms created in the program, after they are transferred to the canvas, gain full freedom of further artistic interpretation.