Graduate of the Department of Physics of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and Department of Computer Science of the Poznan University of Technology. The scope of his artistic research includes painting, installations, as well as music, which common denominator is technology. It becomes the main work tool, and sometimes an independent means of artistic expression. Technology allows the author to redefine the creative process and the way of perceiving art.

In his work, the artist seeks harmony between art and science. Following the example of Renaissance artists, he treats them as related fields intended to serve man as a tool for spiritual and emotional development.

Individual exhibitions:
− 6-7.2020: Malarswto algorytmiczne (Algorithmic painting), Contemporary Art Gallery, Ostrów Wielkopolski
− 9-10.2019: Od cyfry do malarstwa (From digit to painting), OFF-FRAME Gallery, Kraków

Selected projects:
− 12.2022: Flosiversum pulcherrimus – project with Karolina Wlazło-Malinowska of 3D printed petunia “Milky Way” flower [artistic project]
− 10.2021: Kamień Ziemi (Sipowicz & Rataj) – music arrangement and production [music]
− 04.2020: No name – a robot prototype that repeats the movements of the artist’s hand when drawing a portrait [artistic installation]
− 04.2020: Virtual gallery of algorithmic painting – experience that use virtual reality (VR) and orginal motion capture system [artistic project]